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Story image for organ harvesting china from The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times

Forum: Falun Gong practitioners thankful for DeLauro’s stand

New Haven RegisterOct 7, 2015
… state-sanctioned organ harvesting from non-consenting prisoners of … Falun Gong is an ancient Chinese spiritual discipline of mind and …
Hong Kong Falun Gong Practitioners March to End CCP
The Epoch TimesOct 7, 2015

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Story image for organ harvesting china from Catholic Online

Horror in China: Prisoners of Conscience have their organs

Catholic OnlineOct 5, 2015
Internal organs, like liver and kidneys, even eye corneas, are reportedly being harvested from imprisoned practitioners of the Falun Gong faith, …

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China’s Organ Donations Hit Record High After Harvesting from

Yibada (English Edition)Oct 21, 2015
In 2014, voluntary donations from Chinese citizens became the leading source of organs for transplant, accounting for 80 percent of all donated …

Story image for organ harvesting china from The Epoch Times

Cotler Hopes New Parliament Will Enact Legislation to Combat

The Epoch TimesOct 15, 2015
They conducted an extensive investigation into organ harvesting inChina from living Falun Gong adherents who die during the process.

Story image for organ harvesting china from The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times

China’s human organ trade revealed

Taipei TimesOct 12, 2015
The documentary Human Harvest: China’s Illegal Organ Trade, directed by Leon Lee (李雲翔), a Canadian of Chinese descent, asserts that …

Story image for organ harvesting china from The Federalist

How To Fix Conservatives’ Single Women Problem

The Federalist14 hours ago
… over daughters while instituting population limits, such as Chinaand …. Medical Progress revealing Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting …

Story image for organ harvesting china from The Epoch Times

Human Rights Panel Says Westerners Don’t See the ‘Real China

The Epoch TimesOct 5, 2015
“It’s almost hard to believe this,” said Autry of the practice of organ harvesting in China. “But Americans couldn’t believe the stories that were …

Story image for organ harvesting china from Daily Beast

Does China Harvest Organs From Living Prisoners?

Daily BeastSep 29, 2015
They claim that the Chinese government is torturing them andharvesting their organs, and they want to know why no one is listening.
Mass Atrocity in China Remains Out of Media Limelight
The Epoch TimesSep 29, 2015

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Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping urged to end forced organ

PR Newswire (press release)Aug 21, 2015
China announced to end organ harvesting from executed prisoners in December 2014 and presented an allegedly operational organ donation …

Story image for organ harvesting china from South China Morning Post (subscription)

All Hongkongers organ donors? Minister consider poll to gauge how

South China Morning Post (subscription)Oct 10, 2015
“I think we all know that the organ donation rate in Hong Kong is low compared with that in many other developed countries,” Ko said. “There is …



China’s $1bn illegal organ trafficking trade exposed in ……/A-Human-HarvestChinasorg
Apr 6, 2015

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: A new documentary is set to reveal China’s illegal organ harvesting trade …


Human Harvest: China’s Organ Trafficking | SBS News…/human-harvestchinasorgantraffi
Apr 7, 2015

David Matas and fellow Nobel Peace Prize nominee David Kilgour have spent years investigating the …


Organ harvest: China removing body parts from prisoners…/chinasharvestingorgans…/stor…

China’s other big business: Harvesting organs from prisoners when they’re still alive. April 8, 20159:12am …


Killed for Organs: China’s Secret State Transplant Business …
Oct 20, 2012 – Uploaded by NTDTV

It’s being called “abhorrent” and a “crime against humanity.” Allegations of forced organ harvesting in China


Prisoners in China had their livers, kidneys and corneas ……/Thousands-religious-prisoners…
Oct 3, 2015

China harvested organs from tens of thousands of religious prisoners while they were still alive, according to a …


!! Harvest LIVE HUMAN ORGANS in CHINA !!! – Between …
Oct 13, 2012 – Uploaded by httpchinhphapcom

Documentary film “Between life and death” exposes the evil crime of harvesting organs of LIVE victims in …


Organ Harvesting in China – YouTube
Aug 20, 2006 – Uploaded by GeorgiaY

A short, 6-minute exposee on eliicit organ harvesting practices in Mainland China. It shows the connection …


Organs removed from live political prisoners WITHOUT ……/Livers-kidneys-corneas-remo…
Apr 8, 2015

Chinese hospitals are harvesting up to 11,000 organs from political prisoners without anaesthetic every year, according to a new documentary.


Human Harvest China’s Illegal Organ Trade – YouTube
Apr 7, 2015 – Uploaded by News Yesterday

Nobel Peace Prize nominees David Matas and David Kilgour investigate the organ harvesting trade in China


China Forced Organ Harvesting Exposed in Doc – YouTube
Apr 9, 2015 – Uploaded by TheLipTV

China’s illegal organ trade is being exposed in a Canadian documentary, Human Harvest: China’s Organ



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