Imran vows to continue Tehrik-e-Ehtisab rally

CHICHAWATNI: PTI chairman Imran Khan addressed a huge rally of his supporters and vowed that the Tehreek-e-Ehtisab rally against PM Nawaz would continue. 

Imran Khan addressed a large gathering of his supporters and party workers at Chicha Watni on Friday and said that PM Nawaz Sharif had to answer for the Panama Leaks controversy. 

“When the Prime Minister of Iceland and his wife’s names were mentioned in Panama Leaks, the politicians and media of that country forced the PM to resign when he could not provide an answer,” he said. 

Imran said that the exact was the case in Pakistan, where despite several months, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had not answered for his children’s properties that had been mentioned in the Panama Papers. He said that PML-N members knew that their leader was corrupt but they did not have the courage to speak out against it. 

Imran accused Nawaz Sharif of destroying institutions such as NAB, FIA and FBR for his own personal interest. The cricketer-turned-politician stated that these institutions were supposed to demand an answer from the PM but they were unable to do so. Imran Khan also slammed Speaker of the National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq for being biased against him.

“I am ashamed to refer to him as the Speaker,” said Imran. “Ayaz Sadiq, I want to ask you, for how much did you sell your conscience to Nawaz Sharif?” he said.

Imran said that Nawaz had taken exorbitant loans and said that nations were enslaved via debt. He said that governments borrowed money since they were unable to collect it from the masses, owing to corruption and money laundering abroad. The PTI chairman urged his supporters to vote for Rai Murtaza and said that their ‘next stop would be in Raiwind’. 

Khan had been campaigning for PTI ticket-holder Rai Murtaza Nawaz, who was contesting for the NA-162 constituency. NA-162 had fallen vacant after Rai Hassan Nawaz, a cousin of Rai Hassan, had been disqualified in May by the Supreme Court for concealing his assets. 

Imran vows to continue Tehrik-e-Ehtisab rally

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